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Pastor Dave Cannon was born in Emmaus, PA. After graduation from Emmaus High School, he attended college from 1976-1981, receiving his B.S. in Secondary Ed. From 1987-1992 he continued post-grad work at Kent State University. After sensing God might be directing him toward the ministry, he returned to school, where he completed the Master of Divinity program in 1996. He has four extensive units of Biblical counseling training. He enjoys spending time with his wife Stephanie, and daughter Allison.


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Pastor’s Purpose Statement:

Show me a healthy child, and I think I could tell you something about his life. He probably has a good appetite for nourishing food. What’s more, he more than likely grows best as his body uses the nutrients for the purpose they were designed-hard work, maintenance of body growth, and warding off diseases. He will likely face all sorts of ailments if his body no longer uses what it takes in through labor and maintenance of personal health.

You suspect a spiritual parallel here, don’t you? Possibly one of the greatest burdens I have for the local church is that its saved members so often struggle in one particularly crucial area which Peter at the conclusion of his second epistle called “growth in grace.” They are saved but often joyless and unsettled. They are born again but burdened with sin habits and laboring quietly under a growing load of what some call “depression.” They are redeemed but their families are self-destructing. And we are not talking about lost people-this is Christ’s own church! Where is the answer?

Ephesians 4:11-16 gives us several keys to spiritual health among believers. First, they are nourished and equipped with the Scriptures through the formal ministry of God’s Word (v. 11), not in order to focus upon themselves but so they might honor Christ through building up His people. Paul intentionally calls your new focus the “work of the ministry” (v. 12). What are the delightful results of a well-nourished believer who labors to evangelize and disciple others? Well, one fruit is true Biblical unity. Not the feeble, counterfeit kind, which in an effort to “make peace” with anything that bears the label of “Christian,” sells out Biblical truth it considers distasteful or inconvenient. No. The kind of sweet harmony among believers who diligently search the Scriptures to know God’s Son and His will (v. 13) and guard it zealously. And look at this believer! How is he? He is becoming settled and stable (Is this a need in the Christian church today?!), his words increasingly filled with God’s truth (v. 15) and his life lived for God’s glory. Beginning to grow in grace, he finds that God is steadily freeing him from the “me-centered” bent of sin. He is becoming what God intended all along-a “spiritual mirror” brilliantly reflecting attention and glory back to the Christ Who is changing him. God is restoring His purpose to the believer’s life and the believer begins to delight in God as never before. That is what we long to see and believe God is doing at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church!

To God be the glory, great things He is doing! Accept our invitation to come and see.